London 2012

With the digital world bigger and more popular than ever, the Olympics had to find a way to transition from sole TV coverage to being reachable on every platform. They have made some developments that will make it incredibly easy to stay up to date with all of the results from this summer’s upcoming games in London.

These additions to the Olympics viewing experience make it much easier to track your favorite athletes and check times of when different events are on. will be live streaming every event and have their own YouTube channel as well (so you can re-watch events whenever you want). For mobile devices and tablets, there are two different apps that have been created that will allow you to watch live streams and highlights. And of course, for television there are satellite channels for sole coverage on basketball and soccer.

It is very important that NBC and the Olympics monitor their different means of broadcast this summer. The Olympics is one of the larget worldwide events that needs a large amount of media coverage – coverage that must be easily found and played. It will be interesting to see how effective these new developments are for the games. It will also be pivotal for the Olympics to utilize social media for coverage – that way they can announce medalists, times of events and any other important updates.


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