Celebrity Resurrections

In April, the music industry was rocked when a holographic image of the late Tupac Shakur made an appearance at Coachella music festival. This was the first major event that this technology was used at – the company, Digital Domain is owned by none other than James Cameron.

Ever since Tupac, there has been talk of resurrecting other late celebrities for entertainment purposes. If it’s possible to bring back these stars, why wouldn’t it continue to happen? There could be a Michael Jackson concert every weekend. The latest rumors are circling talk that a Marilyn Monroe hologram will soon make an appearance. The company, Digicon Media, is in early plans of developing a show with the tentative title – Virtual Marilyn Live – A Musical Celebration of the Birth of the Pop Icon.

The list goes on of deceased celebrities that are in talks to be brought back to life. However, this raises the question of if we want to celebrate these entertainment icons and remember them when they were actually alive – or should we embrace the holograms as just another way of celebrating their lives?


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