NFL Rising Above

This year hasn’t been a breeze for the NFL. Plagued with many PR scandals, they have had to bounce back and rise above all of the negative publicity. Crisis management is such a large part of public relations – it includes the good, the bad & the ugly. This years biggest scandal is arguably the notorious New Orleans Saints scandal – footage of ex-defensive coordinator Gregg Williams encouraging his team to purposely injure players on the opposing team.

Imagine the backlash from this one. 2,000 former players have filed lawsuits against the league calling them “negligent”. While just one team in the league was responsible for these actions, the entire organization has had to deal with the negative press.

This just goes to show how one person can give an entire group a bad name. When you are representing an organization you have to be especially conscious of what you say and how you act. When you are working for an agency, representing a product or celebrity – you have to be aware of every move you make and how it will look in regards to the bigger name you are attached to.


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