May The Force Be With You

Being a huge Star Wars geek myself, I was giddy when I saw this article on PR Daily’s homepage. The article, “5 social media lessons from Star Wars” pays homage to the first episode of the classic films, Episode IV: A New Hope, which celebrates it’s 35th anniversary this week. How does a fantasy film like Star Wars relate to PR and social media today? According to the article, here’s how:

1. You can do great things from a remote planet.

2. You must learn from someone wiser than you (who isn’t evil).

3. Your friends are critical to your survival.

4. You can’t avoid the death grip. 

5. Your strength alone won’t save you. 

I think these rules hold true not only throughout the movie, but for practicing PR professionals as well. Don’t let anything hold you back, learn from your mentors, stay close with your comrades, listen to your audiences, & use the tools given to you. That’s all it boils down to. Sounds a lot like what they teach us in school, huh?

It’s amazing to see what an impact the Star Wars franchise has had on our culture over these past 35 years. While the films aim to teach us life lessons, who would have thought that it can teach us how to handle our professional lives as well? Movies contribue to such a large part of our culture – everywhere you look a new movie poster or advertisement is sure to be close by. Taking a deeper look into the sub-messages of classic flicks like this one can surely benefit us in many walks of life.


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