PR & Advertising

This article from AdAge presents the idea that the world of advertising could learn a few valuable lessons by taking a closer look at public relations. While we are told the two industries are completely different, there are tie-ins that seem to prove otherwise.

The article talks about how huge brands like Nike and Pepsi are focusing more on public relations than advertising (saving them a lot of money) and are beginning to focus on community relations. The author is even bold enough to state that the future of advertising is public relations. While advertising is more about pulling out the big guns and the theatrics, public relations and the ideals behind it can be applied to advertising techniques to make them tighter and more cost effective.

But what stuck out the most to me is this quote: “It’s not your strategy; it’s your story.” Good PR includes humanizing huge name brands. For example: The Old Spice guy. While the advertising was genius, the ads told a story that resonated with audiences and we will not be forgetting anytime soon. Another example the article gives is Apple. They catapulted to popularity through “product unveilings, public appearances, media coverage, online communities and evangelist marketing.” Looking back through this list it becomes apparent that it is indeed PR we can attribute much of Apple’s reputation to.


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