As a college student, I have become rather proficient in the art of procrastination. Don’t get me wrong – I get everything done on time but with all of the distractions made available via social media it is easy to get sidetracked.

Two of the main culprits that cause my procrastination are Pinterest and Instagram. So imagine my excitement when the two combined to become… Pinstagram! The two applications are two of the newest and hottest – Pinterest is an online digital pin board where you can cultivate your interests while Instagram allows you to take and upload your own pictures and apply cool filters and effects to them.

This way, you can sync your Pinterest and Instagram accounts so your own photos can be shared throughout the worldwide web. While Instagram allows only your followers to see what photos you upload, Pinterest has a wider audience as when someone repins your photo, all of their followers can see it and so on.

While there are already so many ways to share photos, I think a supersized app like Pinstagram is a good idea. It combines the best aspects of both sites into one condensed, simple version. It will be interesting to see if it takes off and becomes as popular as each individual site.


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