Keeping Up

Ever since Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered on the E! Network in 2007, we have been bombarded with nonstop Kardashian mania. With the helps of Momager Kris Jenner, Kourtney, Kim & Khloe have become the biggest pop culture phenomena since Paris Hilton and “The Simple Life”.

As well all know, Kim was skyrocketed to fame after staring in a “home movie” with R&B singer Ray-J. Naturally, she was offered her own reality show after the steamy vid went viral and the rest is history.

When it comes to the Kardashians, we have to ask ourselves – how much is too much? It seems as though a good amount of products are endorsed by the “K”. Here is a list of everything Kim and her sisters are currently involved in:

  • The Sears Kardashian Kollection
  • Kardashian OPI Nail Polish line
  • Four DASH boutiques in California, Miami and New York
  • Armenian inspired jewelry line called Virgins, Angels and Saints
  • An endorsement deal with
  • Kardashian Glamour Tan
  • Endorsement deals with Sketchers, Midori Liquor, Muscle Flex Athletic Wear, Carls Jr., The Sugar Factory Candy Store, QuickTrim weight loss supplement
And the list goes on…

Not to mention, the family just signed on for three more seasons of “Keeping Up”. It doesn’t look like the end of the Kardashian reign is anywhere in sight. You have to wonder, how much is too much? Aren’t we sick of these people already? While they are impecable businesswomen and have truly built an empire, it’s difficult not to feel like we are being force fed Kardashian everything. So until the day they are irrelevant again, we better get used to it.

This is my favorite Kardashian spoof from Saturday Night Live – it is creepily accurate.


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