Tumblr On

Brands are continuing to get creative with the ways they stay transparent with their loyal followers, especially through the means of blogs like Tumblr. This article from Ragan.com presents a guide necessary for a brand’s blogging success.

A big part of blogging – and PR in general – is understanding your audience. From an entertainment PR standpoint, this is crucial. Tailoring your blog to whomever you wish to reach will help you to build your following thus creating a two way communication model. Blogs allow fans and customers to leave comments (wether positive or negative) and also give the curator the option to directly respond to the commentary. For celebrities, blogs are a great way for them to keep their fans updated with their press clippings, innermost thoughts, or upcoming events. Celebrities come with a built in fan base, a luxury brands do not have until they have established their blog as a productive and significant addition to the blogosphere.

The article also talks about blogs that use a significant amount of images, like Vogue, seem to get high levels of traffic and engagement on their blog. Clearly, they know their audience as people viewing their blog are looking for fashion news and advice. Beyonce caused quite the social media storm when she created her own blog a few months ago with personal photos from her life. This was out of character for the superstar because she is known for being very private with her life behind the stage. However, I think it was a great PR move to satisfy the public’s growing curiosity about her life since her and Jay-Z gave birth to their daughter Blue Ivy.

Lately, Tumblr blogs like What Should We Call Me? and Texts From Hillary have blown up on the pop culture spectrum, especially among college-aged kids like myself. Blogs like these go to show that the message doesn’t have to be especially in depth or meaningful to resonate – it just has to capture the attention of your target audience with content that will keep them coming back for more.


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