Please Allow Me to (Re)Introduce Myself

For my Strategic Public Relations Writing class, J452, we are required to curate a blog. Luckily, I already have this one up and running! My posts for this class will focus on topics and events relevant to  entertainment and lifestyle public relations. I hope to work in this industry upon graduation next spring, so now is a good time to learn more, connect with professionals and other students, and of course; network, network, network. I will be blogging my own opinions, following national trends and events and of course, asking questions.

In Eugene, I have gained experience working in non-profit PR. Believe it or not, there are not many celebrities or red carpet events in the ole 541. However, this will all change as I am interning in New York City this summer. I am hoping to gain skills in social media, event planning and branding in the city that never sleeps, full of the biggest brand names, celebrities and businesses. Stay tuned as I examine the ups and downs of entertainment public relations and prepare for my move across the country!


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