23. Celebrity Branding – Lindsay Lohan Edition

Our memories of a red-haired freckled Lindsay Lohan have faded as we now think of her as a rail-thin, drugged out and troubled socialite who has lost sight of her true talent. The days of “The Parent Trap” and “Mean Girls” have long passed as Lohan is now known in the media for problems in her personal life and with the law.

Last night, Lohan made an interesting career move, possibly hoping to begin her big comeback as a serious actress by hosting Saturday Night Live. I was not sure what to expect as she has not seriously acted in years and isn’t exactly the most respected in the industry.

After watching her sketches, I was not disappointed, but I was not super pleased with her performance. The critics gave Lohan mixed reviews as well. A lot of times she was just an accessory in the skits and didn’t really stand out. A lot of her lines seemed forced and you could tell she was reading cue cards.

High profile celebrities like Lohan have to be so careful with branding their name. It only takes a few mistakes to change someones reputation from Oscar worthy to troubled party girl. Now, she is having trouble finding work because she is known for being a hassle on set and the industry professionals don’t want to deal with her immature behavior.

Trying to come back up from the bottom is one of the hardest thing for a celebrity to do. Few are successful with re-branding their name, which is ultimately an empire. Look at Kim Kardashian, the Kardashian name is worth millions itself. They may not be the smartest or most talented family, but they are pretty damn good at branding themselves.

Here is one of the best sketches from Lohan’s gig on SNL. However, I acredit most of my laughs to Kristen Wigg.


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