20. Leap Year

Twitter is all abuzz today with a day that only comes along every few years – February 29. A year with one extra day is not one to just let pass you by. I’ve got a few ideas on how to spend this glorious day… hey, it’s one extra day to get things done right??

1. Head on over to Subway and make the best of the last day of Februrany – and hey! They’ve got another advertising ploy to go along with your 5-dollar-footlong! A free cookie with your 12-inch sandwich. Free Cookie Day is even the number 1 trending topic on Twitter – oh, wait no – it’s promoted. Isn’t that cheating??

2. Wish me a Happy 1/2 Birthday. Technically my half birthday is February 30th, but that doesn’t exist so I’ve decided today will be my special 1/2 day. Yay me.

3. Read this article about how to boost your brand through social media

4. Watch this video that was created by Everynone titled “Words”

5. Now watch this one that was recreated with user-generated content

6. Close your eyes and take a deep breath – it’s week 8, everyone’s stressed, the workload is plentiful – trust me, just do it.

7. Text someone you love an ugly picture of yourself. My friend Allison and I do it all the time. The best is when I’m sitting in lecture and my phone vibrates with a glorious yet hideous (sorry, Allison) photo. You’ll get a good laugh out of it.

8. Compliment a stranger – who knows you may make their day.

9. http://www.msnbc.com – Get informed.

10. And finally –

I hope everyones February 29th is all they dreamed it would be and more. And cherish it… it’s a day we won’t see again until 2016 when we are long gone from Eugene and out living in – AH!!! – the real world. Happy almost Spring everyone!!


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