15. M.A.C & Marilyn

The popular makeup brand M.A.C is known for their brightly colored and sometimes kooky collections that are usually accompanied with vibrant, out-of-the-box print ads. The makeup giant frequently collaborates with celebrities and releases collections inspired by their looks or personalities. From Nicki Minaj to The Gossip lead singer Beth Ditto, a wide range of public figures have been featured with M.A.C.

The cosmetics brand just announced they will be releasing a new line – this time inspired by one of the world’s most famous sex symbols; Marilyn Monroe. The line will have pieces including lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish and eyeliner.

The Marilyn Monroe brand already has such a loyal following, especially younger audiences who weren’t even alive when she was. Her legacy has left such a lasting impression on our society that Marilyn fans will most definitely rush to stores to emulate the Hollywood icon’s lasting style. Although she passed away almost 50 years ago, she is regarded as an icon by so many because of her style, sex appeal, attitude and overall glamorous demeanor.

Last year, the rights to Monroe’s name were bought by Authentic Brands Group LLC.

It will be interesting to see how M.A.C executes the campaign. The Marilyn Monroe “thing” is on the brink of being overdone (maybe Lindsay Lohan’s open obsession has something to do with that) so it will be interesting to see what M.A.C does to expand the brand.


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