13. Empire State of Mind

Earlier this week, I was offered the position of a summer intern with Socially Bella of Bella Public Relations in NEW YORK CITY!! It is located just 3 blocks from Times Square – talk about being in the center of things.

As a social media intern, I will be attending events, creating content, using Photoshop and blogging.

It has always been a dream of mine to live in the Big Apple. And I won’t lie, PR first sparked my interest when I started watching Sex and the City and was intrigued by Samantha Jones’ whirlwind career. I know that the show is exaggerated, but seeing Samantha do publicity and plan events all while wearing fabulous outfits and enjoying NYC nightlife – how could you not want a  life like that??

I’m nervous to live in the big city alone – I have lived in Oregon my whole life with the comforts of home just two hours away when I am at school. I feel like I need this experience to not only gain independence but to start building my professional career and making a name for myself in the fast paced world of Public Relations.

I would love to move back East after I graduate next June. I plan on making positive connections and gaining valuable PR experience all while enjoying living in the city that never sleeps.


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