11. #MBFW 2012

As I sit here in the Knight Library in Eugene, Ore. during my busiest week of the term, fantasies of being in the front row at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City pull me away from studying the life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte for my history test tomorrow.

As designers old and new reveal their Fall 2012 collections, thousands of lucky attendees hold their breath as the lights dim and the first beautiful and waif-like models step out onto the pristine catwalk. However, following the events on Twitter is as close as I am going to get to the runways this year.

The shows started on February 9 and go through the 16. In fact, right now Mathieu Mirano‘s “Legend” collection is coming to an end. 13 minutes ago, the official Twitter quoted the talented designer as saying, “Dragon Riders, a story about women and mother nature, inspired me to create this multidimensional collection.”

It’s amazing that from 3,000 plus miles away from the glamourous and intricate shows, I am able to stay up to date on exactly what is happening on the runways at a specific moment. Social media allows for immediate relays of information, and with the fast-paced, constantly changing fashion industry, those of us who aren’t lucky enough to attend the shows can stay clued in to what the newest up and coming styles and designers are.

The official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website is another way to stay plugged into all the fashion action. With a tentative schedule posted and a tab titled “The Scene” (a photo gallery updated with amazing stills from each day), it is a great way to see when your favorite designer’s collections will be making their grand debut.

I know one day I will attend a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show. For now, I am semi-content using Twitter and the official website to follow what is going on in the city that never sleeps.

Until then, I’ll be dreaming about which one of the fabulous Eugene social events I can wear one of these evening gowns from the Lorena Sarbu Fall 2012 collection to.


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