10. The Look of Sport

To promote their new Women’s Spring 2012 collection, Nike has chosen 6 sensational female athletes to represent “The Look of Sport“. From Team U.S.A goalie Hope Solo to Australian surfer Laura Enever, the women were selected not only for their awesome athletic skills but also for their personal style they bring to their respective sport.

Nike spent time with each of the six women to discuss “life, work, dreams, goals, inspiration, and style”. I love how Nike chose relevant athletes who can be role models to women of all ages. I closely followed the U.S. Women’s soccer team in the Fifa Women’s World Cup this past summer, and I have feel like I have a close connection to Solo after their devastating loss to Japan in the finals.

With the Summer Olympics hitting London this summer, I’m looking forward to my favorite event; gymnastics. Along with the rest of America, I fell in love with Shawn Johnson. She is also to be featured in the campaign, scheduled to be released in the middle of this month.

The collection itself is pretty sweet as well. A combination of brightly colored Dri-fit capris and seamless tops grace the lineup along with the amazingly lightweight and breathable Nike Free training shoes. I love the Nike Epic Crew made for pre and post workout. The bleach-splattered design makes it look cool, yet the technology behind it makes the pullover functional.

By far the coolest part of the entire campaign is the way the 6 female athletes represent the 6 core moves the new collection that are the “basis of all training”. From lunge to bend, the Spring 2012 collection is sure to help you look and feel good while you get your ass in shape.

And Nike does it again. I’m feeling inspired to hit the gym as we speak!



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