8. Super Bowl by the Numbers

This years Super Bowl has generated a plethora of press – some good and some bad. This article shows us exactly how big of a role social media plays in society today. I also compiled a list of Super Bowl stats I found interesting about the biggest football game of the year from the Advertising Age website. Prepare to be amazed!

1. Bluefin Labs tracked more than 12.2 million social media comments on Twitter and Facebook during and after the Super Bowl, a 578% increase from last year! (Talk about a digital age.)

2. In the final three minutes of the Super Bowl, Twitter tracked an average 10,000 tweets per second.

3. The Super Bowl passed the MTV Video Music Awards last August as the biggest social-TV event recorded

4. Madonna’s halftime performance alone generated 862,000 social media comments

5. Bluefin tracked more than 985,000 social media comments just related to commercials


Number of Web views of Super Bowl commercials as of Monday:

1. Honda: Matthew’s Day Off – 18.4 million

2. VW: The Dog Strikes Back – 17.8 million

3. Acura: Transactions – 15.7 million

4. Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl – 6.3 million

5. Audi: Vampire Party – 5.3 million


The Top 5 Remembered Super Bowl Ads Were:

1. Doritos (Grandma slings baby across the yard)

2. M&M (Naked M&M shows his milk chocolate)

3. Doritos (Dog buries cat and bribes owner with chips)

4. Sketchers (Little dog moonwalks across finish line)

5. Coca Cola (Polar bears)


I was pretty surprised by the most remembered ads this year. The top 5 according to Ad Age didn’t really stand out to me at the time. What about the VW and Clint Eastwood Chrysler ads? For me, those stood out the most. It will be interesting to see how these numbers relating to social media change next year.



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