7. Nike & the NFL

As millions of hard working Americans wake up every morning and put on their suits and ties, the elite group of men in the National Football League are used to a different kind of uniform. The jersey is what distinguishes NFL players from any other kind of athlete. It is a prestigious honor to represent one of the 32 teams in the league.

I first saw this tweet by Advertising Week as I was doing my first Twitter scan of the day. It caught my attention as I was looking into the industry’s reactions to the commercial overload during the Super Bowl yesterday. I was prompted to the link of an article from Portland Business Journal, titled “Nike, the NFL and the art of the Uniform“.

Being a student at the University of Oregon during the times of athletic success – mainly from football – has been very exciting. It has definitely inspired my interest in the sports industry that I aspire to one day be involved in. One of the most thrilling things about the Oregon Ducks football team, aside from their speed and overall awesomeness, is their innovative and unconventional uniforms that are all custom designed by Nike.

This is one of the many things that differentiate college football from the professional level. However, there are talks that Nike may take over for creating the uniforms of the comparatively outdated looks of the NFL. I think this would be an excellent move for both Nike and the NFL. Nike would obviously profit from the partnership while players would get a fresh, updated look with performance enhancing technology as well.

Sticking to the Pacific Northwest, there are rumors that the Seattle Seahawks may don new Nike inspired jerseys come next season. Below, you can see the obvious differences between college level uniforms and a standard NFL combination. If you ask me, I say out with the old, in with the new.



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