6. Brand Bowl 2012

As a New York Jets fan, this years Super Bowl opponents were less than exciting to me. So naturally, I tuned into the big game mainly to enjoy and criticize the advertisements. However, more often than not I found myself less than impressed. Many of the ads seemed forced, un-organic and anti-climactic. So, here it is… Zoe’s comprehensive list of the worst Super Bowl ads that aired this year.

1. Elton John & Pepsi – King’s Court

At first, this spot excited me as it seemed to have celebrities and a leading brand that has more than enough funds to produce a great ad. However, Elton’s performance made him seem hypocritical for judging Madonna for lip-syncing at the half time show. The whole terrible audition spiel is way overdone. The candidate who is deemed worthy of a Pepsi by King John (who apparently was the season winner of The X-Factor) belts out a few forced lines of “Respect” before dropping Elton down a hatch in the ground where he meets…. Flavor Flav?? For an advertisement that had so much potential was disappointing, unoriginal and underdeveloped.

2. Danica Patrick, Jillian Michaels & Go Daddy – Body Paint

It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl ad without some objectifying of women and forced sexual tension. By now we all know that “sex sells”. NASCAR driver Danica Patrick and exercise guru Jillian Michaels are shown in tight leather clothes and high heels as they paint phrases urging consumers to head to GoDaddy.co all over a half naked “hot model”. While it seems as though they are trying to poke fun at the use of sex in advertisements, they simply contribute to the sexualization of women in order to draw attention to their product. Again, unoriginal and artificial.

3. CareerBuilder.com Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees. How innovative. If you’re going to put monkeys in a commercial, it better be pretty damn creative. I feel like this ad had potential, but failed to live up to it. One of my favorite tweets I saw during the Super Bowl was by Sports Illustrated – “Chimpanzees belong in the jungle, not in advertising”. And I couldn’t agree more.

After viewing and criticizing these high profile Super Bowl ads, I have gotten some inspiration after all. Inspiration to start my midterm paper about what is wrong with advertising today and what I can do to fix it.


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