4. #McFail

Social Media has come to play such a large role in branding and advertising, every company wants to get in on tweeting and creating hashtags. When done correctly, social media campaigns can have a major impact on consumers.

However, this is not the case for McDonalds. After launching their Twitter campaign, they expected many of their adoring fans to come flooding in with tweets reminiscing with memories of their first Big Mac. Instead, they were bombarded with horror stories from customers who had less than pleasant dining experiences at the fast food establishment. The hashtag, #McdStories is now tainted with the bitter taste of raw beef patties and infested Fish Fillets.

Here are some examples of the graphic and disgusting tweets:



McDonalds has show us that sometimes social media is NOT always the best answer. Their premature campaign was developed to generate good feelings about the restaurant, but in turn left many people tweeting about never eating there again.

Note to self: make sure your brand has a good reputation before starting a campaign on a public forum.


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