2. There’s an App For That

Ever since upgrading to the iPhone 4s last month, I have been madly downloading new apps at every opportune moment. One of the first apps I acquired was Instagram, a popular photo sharing app that allows you to add funky effects to your photos and post them on a newsfeed for all your followers to enjoy.

According to Advertising Age, major companies are flocking to Instagram to create a “more personal connection with their customers” as well as visually market their product or message. Companies with the largest followers include Starbucks and Red Bull. More recently Barrack Obama’s re-election campaign and Nike have joined the Instagram movement.

Combining major social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram allow companies to better relate and communicate with their customers as seeing a visual triggers a sense of familiarity with the company. Also, customers may begin feeling closer with the company after seeing behind the scenes images of their favorite drink or clothing company. Advances and growing popularity in social media, especially on mobile devices make it easier for companies to connect with their customers.

Images from Nike and Starbucks’ Instagram accounts.


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